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I guess this is what my entire blog should be.



vendredi 5 mars 2010

Give it to me baby Like boom, boom, boom What I wa-wa-want. RIGHT

basically rihanna video is like agregating years of fashion trends.

mainly the fluokid and "african revival" one...i'm far too lazy to make precise comments but here is a sort of mood board that immediately took form in my head when i saw the clip

EBONY BONES....rihanna you copying girl!
by the way love that bannana's belt so carmen miranda ( do braaaaaasil sim!) oh gasp now rihanna will see that post and will copy carmen miranda as well, you know basket of fruits and good manners........kidding! ( hum not really). so here is for these NECKLACES now what about this motorcycle-like cap? humhum i'm wandering

hey MIA of course. gosh it hurts me to talk only about her style because her music man. is like creation for sure, just pure creation. good grace whatever song of hers you take and listen to, pure pleasure. my top 1 these days is "HUSSEL". we can feel the jungle in it.
so here it is for the CAP

but wait who's that lady over there? seeming to threaten rihanna for here robbery of style? it's SANTOOOOOOOGOLD ya vintage because basically now we HAVE to say...SANTIGOLD

Rihanna copied a lot, the golden touch ( but as would have said a former president of the french republic " vous n'avez pas le monopole de la golden touch"...the reader that finds out who i am referring to wins my love ...or just my consideration)

but especially the tiger thing, the jungle mic mac, the energy raw and sexy. and the body suit.. santigold you're the best ( and les artistes man so cool)

so here it is for the GOLDEN TOUCH and the JUNGLE THING and the WHOLE THING

now just for the fun...insn't it obvious that timon and pumbaa could cask for royalties or at least o recognition for their contribution to this video clip? ahah...of course not they're animals! DUMBASS. this is not Peter Singer zoo here! understood? no royalties for the animals, a crown is quite enough. hum temper temper.

see ya'

PS: of course there's also a bit of keith harring and madonna in "susan" going on in here...but this would be for on an other post ( who barked "oh noo"?? ya watch out!)

camembert is the new black

currently i should post something about london as i still have thousands ( ok lie..hundreds? ok lie..dozens? ok of photos of it on my computer.
on the other hand this doesn't have any link with camembert,actually,sorry guys.
but wait actually camembert is really the new black.. in normandie i mean.

NOW this totally doesn't have any links with camembert ( quoique....) but wait have you ever read that much the word camembert on a blog? ahah

NOW that's INSPIRED and INSPIRING. actually this is just a teasing, i'll try to analyze rihanna's influences that appear here ( TEASING: ebony bones for the necklace-scarf, MIA for the WHOLE thing, SANTOGOLD for many things, but also timon and pumba...we will see)

so for now the only homework is watching, listening and DANCING


see ya'

P.S: let's check up the posts still awaiting. the london stuff. to do
rihanna's last do

well humhum this will be done

see ya'

PS2: changing of conclusion gimmick. WORK IN PROCESS

PS3: i dont understand why the video is edged like this.obviously

jeudi 4 mars 2010


CHLOE. new acquisition by the gallery like 2005 or 04.

Valentino vintage

and all of these foxy/hunting/Eton/stylish things. a perfect wardrobe is empty without a hunting suit isn't it? ( i seem to have very Windsor manners don't I?)

Terrific fashion gallery at the V&A. i went it on a sunday afternoon, flooded with families and children, old couples, foreigners,girls and has such power to coordonate things and people that don't usually match.
here is a few of my coup de coeur ( ya you can learn a bit of french with this blog! eh!)

so the foxy stuff

the VALENTINO sparkling elegance

and the CHLOE smoothness , pink and black. perfect

see ya'

mercredi 3 mars 2010


straight away i can own up something: i am completly conscious that the little is a perfect exemple of lack of inspiration..allright i know , things will get better as the blog runs on.

Back from a 4 days stay in LONDON , which had been quite sunny and fresh, perfect to go out and then having a coffe, and then visiting the V&A and then having lunch at Pret a Manger ( i could sell my dog for this crayfish and roquette sandwich to be in France... actually i dont have a dog so no use to denounce me at PETA ok folks?) pret a manger of course but mainly this energy. Such a cliché I know but pretty true. A few weeks ago we had a debate in my english class, on this specific topic " why paris is loosing its stamina and leading role in culture?"
We talked about rents, lack of space, traditionalism, andré malraux

above all London just makes the most of its proud mutliculturalism, not neglecting its history and patrimony. And regarding to fashion, as new york, it is not affraid of mixing commercial views and artistic interests..

anyway this was a bit of teasing for these upcomings posts and photos on my london trip...

PS: as a "negative answer" on London's dynamism, here is a witty/funny/lovely/precious/learned.. video for the fantastic duo Mlle Agnès and Loic Prigent, one of there " habilées pour ..." focused on summer 2010 and the fading dynamism of Paris.


watch it! (hum please?)

so what's your own point of view? how come paris is fading on the fashion scene? is paris really fading? its seems that paris has always been fading since the 1920's...
so many questions, so many mysteries, oh gosh so exciting! we'll try to solve all that stuff don't worry guys

see ya'

Once upon a time

Hi there ( is there anyone actually? hmpf i'll just go ahead)

amongst this frenzy of blog, fashion blog,twitters and facebook posts regarding to fashion and style you MAY say or think ( or both) what's that new creepy/ugly/cheesy, tick one of them, blog?
Well i don't know it myself so far, as its tittle indicates it's all about mood, board, mood board, fashion and peacocks...ya all that!
So, let's quote Fergie and shout...Let's get STARTED!