mercredi 3 mars 2010


straight away i can own up something: i am completly conscious that the little is a perfect exemple of lack of inspiration..allright i know , things will get better as the blog runs on.

Back from a 4 days stay in LONDON , which had been quite sunny and fresh, perfect to go out and then having a coffe, and then visiting the V&A and then having lunch at Pret a Manger ( i could sell my dog for this crayfish and roquette sandwich to be in France... actually i dont have a dog so no use to denounce me at PETA ok folks?) pret a manger of course but mainly this energy. Such a cliché I know but pretty true. A few weeks ago we had a debate in my english class, on this specific topic " why paris is loosing its stamina and leading role in culture?"
We talked about rents, lack of space, traditionalism, andré malraux

above all London just makes the most of its proud mutliculturalism, not neglecting its history and patrimony. And regarding to fashion, as new york, it is not affraid of mixing commercial views and artistic interests..

anyway this was a bit of teasing for these upcomings posts and photos on my london trip...

PS: as a "negative answer" on London's dynamism, here is a witty/funny/lovely/precious/learned.. video for the fantastic duo Mlle Agnès and Loic Prigent, one of there " habilées pour ..." focused on summer 2010 and the fading dynamism of Paris.


watch it! (hum please?)

so what's your own point of view? how come paris is fading on the fashion scene? is paris really fading? its seems that paris has always been fading since the 1920's...
so many questions, so many mysteries, oh gosh so exciting! we'll try to solve all that stuff don't worry guys

see ya'

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