vendredi 5 mars 2010

camembert is the new black

currently i should post something about london as i still have thousands ( ok lie..hundreds? ok lie..dozens? ok of photos of it on my computer.
on the other hand this doesn't have any link with camembert,actually,sorry guys.
but wait actually camembert is really the new black.. in normandie i mean.

NOW this totally doesn't have any links with camembert ( quoique....) but wait have you ever read that much the word camembert on a blog? ahah

NOW that's INSPIRED and INSPIRING. actually this is just a teasing, i'll try to analyze rihanna's influences that appear here ( TEASING: ebony bones for the necklace-scarf, MIA for the WHOLE thing, SANTOGOLD for many things, but also timon and pumba...we will see)

so for now the only homework is watching, listening and DANCING


see ya'

P.S: let's check up the posts still awaiting. the london stuff. to do
rihanna's last do

well humhum this will be done

see ya'

PS2: changing of conclusion gimmick. WORK IN PROCESS

PS3: i dont understand why the video is edged like this.obviously

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